What's the plan?

What is our plan? There isn't one really...but thats how travelling is best done, right? Just wander around and see beautiful places, weird cultures, and go where the wind blows us. We have a rough itinerary booked consisting of a few intercontinental flights - and we can change the dates of those so nothing is set in stone.

We are starting in Thailand and will hopefully end up in Brazil in about 10 months time, just in time for Carnival. On the way there of course is the whole of South East Asia where we plan to spend three months. So far we have visited Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia. Ahead is Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Hawaii, LA and Bogota which is our gateway into South America.

This might sound like a windy route to reach South America, but its actually saving us about £1000 each as a flight from New Zealand to Chile would be that much more expensive. Plus we get to go to Hawaii (where we will probably spend those £1000 we saved!).

We plan to work as and when permitted, either for free (volunteering), for food and shelter (wwoofing) and when the money well goes dry for remuneration.

After we reach Brazil who knows. The hosts of the 2014 World Cup might trap us.